Humpback Grouper

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Panther Grouper / Humpback Grouper / 老鼠斑 / Scientific Name: Cromileptes altivelis
Mainly located in the Indian Ocean Reef area, can grow up to 50 centimeters in length.
Because of its delicate meat, taste particularly delicious. It fetch very high price in the market. Beside is a high value fish, it is also a high-level ornamental fish.


老鼠斑Cromileptes altivelis (Valenciennes, 1828),鮨科驼背鲈属的一种鱼类,也叫青斑、鰵鱼、驼背鲈。身体为奶油色,黑色斑点布满全身,让人感觉很喜庆。主要分布于印度洋的礁石地区,能长到50厘米。带有斑点的身体能迷惑敌人,保护自己。因容易饲养,所以会长得很快,在确保有足够的生长空间的前提下会很长命,如1500升以上的水族箱或有良好的过滤系统的纯鱼缸。会把任何它能吞掉的任何鱼吃掉,所以要注意分类饲养。在水族箱中,可以饲喂大部分不同的食物,像干的或鲜鱼、鱿鱼对虾、银鱼等等,目前为十分珍贵品种。

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  1. Fanny Hosea

    Just had Humpback fish this afternoon in Peking Restaurant Johor Jaya. The flesh is very fresh and smooth. The chef cooked with garlic and soy source with Hong Kong Style. The texture and taste is fantastic. I hope can get another humpback fish soon from Jia Huo Seafood Trading.

    Thanks kelvin to introduce the fish to me for my friends in this afternoon.

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