Why Choosing Jia Huo Seafood Trading?

Jia Huo Seafood Trading is a whole sale seafood company where we processed our own seafood and sell direct to end user.

In Jiahuo Seafood Trading, we believe in creating value and saving for our clients. We only deal directly with end user and by pass all middle man throughout the whole supply chain.

Where Do We Deliver To ?

Currently we delivered seafood to Johor Bahru. For Kuala Lumpur and Penang cities. Kindly refer to our Delivery Policy for more details info.

What Is The Difference Between jiahuoseafood.com Compare To Others ?

In jiahuoseafood.com,

  1. We sell direct to end user bypass all middle man.

  2. We mainly sell wild caught deep sea fishes like groupers; Giant Freshwater Prawn; Soft Shell Crab; and expanded sea cucumber

  3. We bring wild caught fishes to your door step.

How Long Does It Take For The Delivery of My Goods

Normally, it take 2-3 days to deliver to your door step.

For Johor Bahru areas, we will send out the goods on Monday, Wednesday and Friday weekly. All goods purchased will be sent out the next two days after receiving order confirmation.

For KL / Penang cities, our cold chain service provider will deliver the goods and arrived at your place within 3 days.

What Do You Mean by Fresh Frozen ?

All our seafood will be fresh frozen. When we received the fish, giant fresh water prawn from fisherman. We will directly freeze it for you in order to retain the freshness of the fish until we delivered to you.