Soft Shell Crab

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Soft shell crab is crabs that have recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft.
Each piece around 150g
6-8 PCs per KG
Each Packing is 500g
Origin: Indonesia

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Mud crabs bear a shedding method, shedding its outer shell and deed a fragile soft shell crab that’s exploding with flavor. In order for crab to growth larger, crab will shed its outer shell 13 times in a life time. During the molting process, it will shedding its outer shell, gills, food sacs and viscera.

soft crab

Soft crab are removed from water as soon as they molt to prevent any hardening of their shell.

They are cleaned, individually wrapped, frozen and ready for preparation. All soft crabs are available year round.

The crab is deep frozen while still alive, thus it can preserved all the freshness of the crab. The entire crab can be eaten only the mouth parts, the grills and the abdomen will be discarded when cooking.

There are variety of soft shell crab recipe like baked, sauteed, deep fried or pan cooked.

Soft Shell Crab Specification

Origin: Indonesia Borneo Islands

Weight: 1Kg (6-10 piece per KG)

Storage Method: Store in freezer (-18 degree celcius)

Cooking Method: Fried, sauteed, grill

Validity: 18 Months

Packing: Individual packing with plastic bag.

Why Choosing Jiahuo Seafood Soft Crab?

1. Jiahuo Seafood Soft Shell is origin from Indonesia Borneo Islands.

Indonesia – having the most islands in the world. Due to its geographical location on the equator – with vast waters, fertile volcanic land, rain forest and the rivers. It has the best environment for soft crab to grow and reproduce.

soft crab farm

2. We processed by our own and control the whole supply chain

In Jiahuo Seafood Trading, We believe in creating value for our clients. We tied up with strategic partner in Indonesia to process our own soft crab. We sell direct to end user via online and cut out all middle man. Thus end user can get the best value of soft shell crab with highest quality.

cleaning the soft shell
checking soft shell
sorting the soft crab
freezing the soft shell

What are the benefits of eating it?

Soft crab contain Crab lutein, crab red pigment, chitin, chitosan, calcium carbonate, protein.

It several benefits as below:

  • Regulate acidic constitution, expel toxin and heavy metal;

  • Constipation, reduce the absorption of harmful substances in the intestines;

  • Promote cell activation and regulate blood pressure;

  • Prevent and improve diabetes, inhibit fat absorption.

  • Reduce cholesterol, prevent civilization disease;

Recipe – Deep Fried Soft Crab

soft shell crab recipe

Soft shell crab recipe

Ingredients: Soft Shell Crab, Egg, Corn Flour, Bread Crumbs

Cooking Method:

  1. Clean the soft shell with pipe water, clean the gills, cut the mouth and take out the abdomen.

  2. Prepare 3 plates, Put the corn flour on each plate, put the eggs and bread crumbs.

  3. Put oil in cooking pan and heat the oil for around 5-6 minutes.

  4. Dipped the soft crab on the plate with flour, eggs and bread crumbs. Make sure all whole soft crab body is covered with corn flour, eggs and bread crumbs.

  5. Put the marinate soft crab into heating oil and deep fried until it turn to gold color.

Soft Shell Crab Dishes from Others

There are variety of cooking recipe for soft shell crab. Here i list out 4 soft shell crab dishes for reference…

sauteed soft crab
soft crab with curry butter
pan fried soft shell
baked soft shell

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